Hafenküche: Wohnzimmer an der Spree
The Hafenküche in Treptow in the east of Berlin offers a fine selection of new dishes & classics in a cozy fireside atmosphere on the edge of the Spree.

It is getting fresh outside. Colorful leaves decorate the streets and sidewalks. A cool breeze blows over the east of Berlin and we sit together in a cozy fireside atmosphere on the edge of the Spree. A fire is blazing and invites us to toast with a sparkling wine: a living room feeling in the industrial area. We feel comfortable and secure and our order is taken with a smile.

As an appetizer we are served, among other things, a fruity and refreshing ceviche of salmon and shrimp. This delicacy is garnished with crunchy passion fruit, cilantro and cucumber, which with its sweet and sour maritime composition makes us think of even sunnier days. In addition, we are served a delicious tartare with a pinch of jalapeno aioli on each fork, and the creamiest burrata I have ever tasted in my life. Our gaze is drawn to the dark Spree River, which can only be glimpsed with our eyes, and we conclude this 1st course with a full-bodied sip of Pinot Gris.

On recommendation of the kitchen now comes the main course: The „Rummelsburger“. A pink-fried patty with onion jam topping. It’s accompanied by classic fries with a fabulous Parmesan mayonnaise. Simple, plain and damn tasty!

With our stomachs full, we’re drawn outside to cozy up by the fire and take another breath before dessert. A Riesling sparkling wine and we’re ready to go again.

We are served „Amalfi Lemon.“ Bitter-sour lemon zest and sweet-salty sea salt crumble harmonize perfectly with the frozen yogurt. A crowning glory for this pleasantly intimate evening.

We felt right at home at the Hafen Küche, in this lovely spot in an unassuming setting. Thank you.


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